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Launched the first PVP barrage shooting game "Outlaw"



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Game developer Zepetto (CEO Jean Kim) will officially launches "Outlaw" on April 23.
Outlaw is the world's first mobile game with a one-on-one game of bullet-induced barrage shooting games, attracting the attention of game enthusiasts, breaking the recognition that shooting games are simple structures.

In addition, anyone can enjoy easily and fun by adding casual elements to fight with a combination of more than 40 attacks and defense skills.
Outlaw can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Outlaw was also selected as the top 3 in Gyeonggi Game Audition last year, the largest game audition in Korea. In order to prioritize the success of overseas expansion at the time, Facebook, Blue Stacks, Alibaba Games, iDreamsky, Godlike Games, and Middle East Avial Studio in China Judges from overseas game developers, such as Abr Studio, also became a hot topic. Overseas launch is scheduled to begin in the second half of this year.

Zepetto Kim Seok-jin, team leader said, “Most mobile shooting games have a similar structure, avoiding bullets, smashing small enemies and finally encountering giant monsters. However, Outlaw is able to use his own strategy by combining various attack and defense skills while fighting with barrage with other users, so the gameplay is very dynamic." "Outlaw is a vertical game with a long screen, which brings memories of shooting games that were played in the old game room." he added.

Various events are held for four weeks in commemoration of the "Outlaw" release. If you achieve a high ranking in one-on-one battles, you will receive a cultural gift certificate worth 30,000 won. If you create or join a circle and participate in the battle 5 times or more, you can receive various forms of paid items every day. More information is available through the outlaw official web site (LINK).