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Indonesia and Thailand Gear up for Point Blank World Challenge 2016


Indonesia and Thailand Gear up for Point Blank World Challenge 2016 

  • Winning teams of local tournament in Indonesia and Thailand to be playing for national side at the PBWC 2016 
  • The new global tournament are vitalizing eSports and impacting to increase popularity of Point Blank

[photo] Finalists of ‘PBGC 2016’ and ‘GSL 2016’ 

World’s popular Free-to-Play online first person shooter, Point Blank (known as Piercing Blow) developer Zepetto Co. announced that the national teams representing Indonesia and Thailand are ready for ‘PBWC 2016 (Point Blank World Challenge 2016).’

Zepetto planned this new international Point Blank tournament, ‘PBWC 2016’ to offer Point Blank players and fans a more eSports experience. Teams qualified for the national side of eight countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Russia and Brazil will be competing at the tournament this year and the event will be held in Seoul, South Korea from May 28 to 29. 

In Indonesia and Thailand where Point Blank never lost fans, the local Point Blank league enjoyed every second of the limelight and is now gaining ever-increasing popularity as the local players greatly appreciate the new competition attracted by the chance given to be the team for national side and compete with players from other countries. 

Team ‘Avii_NGC.Team’ and ‘Signature.PB,’ who have won the championship title of local tournaments, 'PBGC (Point Blank Garena Championship) 2016’ in Indonesia and Point Blank league at ‘GSL (Garena Star League) 2016’ in Thailand, are the first two teams joining the PBWC 2016. Both of local tournaments were clearly the most heated competition due to the attention brought by the new tournament, ‘PBWC 2016.’ About 3,290 teams participated in PBGC 2016 to be the national team and more than 190,000 people, the largest crowd ever, came to GSL 2016 to witness the national Point Blank team qualifier. 

“Zepetto aims to give a great experience to Point Blank fans by providing a new eSports event. To make it better, we have chosen Seoul, one of the world's most happening county for eSports as the first host city,” said Yongcheol Kim, eSports Project Manager of Zepetto Co. and added “We are overwhelmed by the amazing reaction we get from the globe. Zepetto will continue to put more efforts to grow eSports and communicate with our fans.” 

The whole tournament of ‘PBWC 2016’ will be streamed live and broadcasted on various online channels including YouTube and Twitch. More information will be announced and provided at the official Point Blank website (www.fps-pb.com).

[Photo] (upper) ‘PBGC 2016’ in Indonesia, (lower) ‘GSL 2016’ in Thailand